Steatocystoma Simplex and Multiplex

Published: February 27, 2017
Last reviewed: January 31, 2018

What is steatocystoma?

Steatocystoma is a benign (noncancerous) skin cyst that arises from a sebaceous gland [1,2].

Steatocystoma simplex refers to a presence of a single cyst, which is usually acquired, and steatocystoma multiplex refers to a condition with multiple cysts, which is usually hereditary [1].

The term steatocystoma arises from “stear” (fat) and “cystis” (cyst).


In steatocystoma multiplex, after puberty, numerous nontender yellowish or flesh-colored cysts appear on various parts of the body, mainly on the chest, abdomen, upper arms, armpits, neck and face [1,2]. The cysts measure from 3 millimeters to 3 or more centimeters in size, are semi-translucent, soft or firm and without openings [1,4,5]. They contain sebum (a normal content of the sebaceous glands), which appears as a yellow liquid [1].

Steatocystoma rarely appears in children [2].

Epidermoid cyst

Picture 1. Steatocystoma
(source: DermNetNZ, CC license)

Epidermoid cyst

Picture 2. Steatocystoma on the face (source: Dermatology Atlas)

Epidermoid cyst

Picture 3. Steatocystoma on the face
(source: DermNetNZ, CC license)

Epidermoid cyst

Picture 4. Steatocystoma on an arm
(source: DermNetNZ, CC license)

Steatocystoma multiplex on the chest and abdomen

Picture 5. Steatocystoma on the chest and abdomen (source: JPGM, CC license)

Steatocystoma very rarely develops into cancer [5].

Differential Diagnosis

Other cysts and lumps similar to steatocystoma [5]:


Cysts can be removed by surgical excision, laser or cryotherapy [1].

Isotretinoin can reduce the size of the cysts [3].

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