Pilar (Trichilemmal) Cyst

Published: February 25, 2017
Last reviewed: June 1, 2017

What is pilar or trichilemmal cyst?

Pilar or trichilemmal cyst is a benign (noncancerous) encapsulated growth that originates from the outer sheath of the hair root [1,3]. It is filled with keratin, which is a protein that normally appears in the hair and skin.

The terms pilar and trichilemmal originate from the Latin pilus and Greek trichos, which both mean hair [1,2]. Other names for pilar cyst include wen and isthmus-catagen cyst [2]. Pilar and epidermoid cysts are commonly, but technically incorrectly, called sebaceous cysts.

Pilar cysts can be acquired or hereditary and tend to run in families [1,3]. They most commonly appear in middle-aged women and less likely in children [1,2,3].


Pilar cysts most commonly develop on the scalp [1,3]. Less common locations include scrotum, face, neck and trunk [3]. They can be single or multiple and appear as painless, firm, smooth and mobile lumps from 5 mm to 5 cm in size, covered by a normal, pink or yellow skin without an opening and with little or no hair [1,2]. When inflamed, they can be painful and covered with red skin. Big cysts tend to burst.

Proliferating trichilemmal cysts grow rapidly and can become as big as 25 centimeters [3,4]. They can ulcerate and damage the nearby tissues. They most commonly appear on the scalp and rarely on the back, chest, armpit, groin, buttocks, thigh, vulva, face and eyelid (Picture 4[5].

Pilar (Trichilemmal) Cysts

Pilar cyst on the scalp

Picture 1. A pilar cyst on the scalp
(source: DermNet NZ, CC license)

Pilar cyst

Picture 2. Two pilar cysts on the scalp
(source: DermNet NZ, CC license)

Pilar or trichilemmal cyst

Picture 3. A small pilar cyst
(source: SF da Silva, MD, Dermatology Atlas)

Proliferating pilar cyst

Picture 4. Proliferating trichilemmal cyst
(source: Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery)

Differential Diagnosis

Other skin cysts that can be similar to pilar cysts:


Pilar cysts can be removed by surgical excision. There are no known methods of prevention or treatment at home [4].

Video 1. A surgical excision of a pilar cyst on the scalp.

Pilar cysts only rarely develop into cancer [3].

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  2. Deborah Gilchrease says:

    Actually, I have a question which I would greatly appreciate an answer….I just had a Pilar Cyst removed from my head recently. My question is does a Pilar Cyst cause or create….have any proven barring on general health?….The contents of a cyst are a collection of impurities so, I am wondering if during the years that thing was on my head if it could have had any negative affects on my health?…Is it even possible???

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